25+ Essential Acronyms & Abbreviations for Facebook Marketers

Coming from SEO background with 6 years experience, I began facebook advertising in the mid of 2016. It was an e-com store I was managing for a US client.

I was hyperactive in Facebook marketing related communities following up so called experts and Gurus all the time. It was there I stuck to most of the time with new unknown buzz terms. I used to Google it and even asked a silly question to abbreviate those acronyms in FB Groups.

I have not mentioned every Ads Managers Terms since you can easily find those glossaries in Facebook Help Portal itself. These are the essential terms you should know where ever or whenever you talk with other FB Marketers.

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

GA: Google Analytics

SM: Social Media

ROI: Return on Investment

ROAS: Return on ad spend

CTR: Click Through Rate

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition

CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions

CPC: Cost Per Click

CPL: Cost Per Lead

PPC: Pay Per Click

CR: Conversion Rate

CPR: Cost Per Registration

CPMAI: Cost Per Mobile App Install

CPMAR: Cost Per Mobile App Registration

CPP: Cost Per Purchase

CTA: Call To Action

CPE: Cost Per Engagement

CPV: Cost Per View

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization

FAN: Facebook Audience Network

PPE: Page Post Engagement

WC: Website Conversion

ATC: Add To Cart

IC: Initiate Checkout

VC: View Content

PV: Page View

PR: Public Relations / Page Rank

CA: Custom Audience

LAL or LAA or LLA: Lookalike Audience

RHS: Right Hand Side (Placement)

NF: Newsfeed

VV: Video Views

DT: Desktop

MOB: Mobile

AOV: Average Order Value

LTV: Lifetime Value

CBO: Campaign Budget Optimization

TOF: Top of Funnel

MOF: Middle of Funnel

BOF: Bottom of Funnel

DPA: Dynamic Product Ads

Hope you guys will bookmark this page for quick reference. And if you feel I have missed any important terms let me know in the comment section.

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