Finally after 10 Years

Hey Fellas,

The last blog post I wrote was in 2008, and that has turned my entire life and career to dive into digital marketing. I started my first blog (Rich Internet Apps Docs), same time ten years ago on Web 2.0 Technologies especially

I wrote on topics like Adobe Flex and Actionscript. This blog has been highlighted in Adobe Community, and few of my post got proper engagement from Dzone community as well.

I used to be a follower of UI/UX Web developers and attended most of the events that time in Bangalore, bunking my college days during the 2nd/3rd years of my engineering.

The blog has shown me to make money online through the sponsored post and later is a very long story where I became full-time digital marketer at the time of completing my engineering. And I never blogged after that 😉 and busy with a long journey full of online marketing and product management experiences.

So finally after 10 Years, I decided to restart my blogging. Will share many things on Online Marketing Communication & Technology in upcoming days.

– Vijay

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