How to Find Your Competitor Ads on Facebook without Spy tools

The digital marketing has changed a lot with evolving spy tools. I remember a beautiful Quote,
Good Marketers Copy; Great Ones Steal
We marketers always take inspiration from other Ads or even copy/steal like the quote said. The ultimate Goal is to drive conversion which matters to us. We have been using many tools where some good ones are even shut down for violating Facebook policies. There are still some exist in the market like PowerSpyTools to find your niche market ads running by your competitors. Here I m going to show a simple trick to check the ads that is actively running in Facebook. Many of you might already aware of this. So this is for whom still not aware of this simple trick. This update came into facebook just 2 months ago where they want to be transparent with their data to the users. The Cambridge Analytica and GDPR update compeled them to introduce this feature in the Facebook. We gonna use this simple 1-Click to find our competitor fb ads. This will work well only if you know who is your competitor and there respective facebook pages.

Kaboom -> Info & Ads Tab in Pages

Yes, you can see this section in every facebook page’s left side Menu at most as last one. You can see all ads owned by that Page running on Facebook Advertising Platform including Instagram and Messenger. You can also check Official announcement here –
This is quiet enough to check your rival stores/brands daily advertising activity in FB. In case, you need to explore or discover new Ads/Brands who are running in same vertical then you need to go for Facebook Spy tools which I will be writing in a separate post with my recommendation.

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